A classic immigrant success story, Dolce Amore represents how tradition, quality and passion combine to result in perfection.

Hailing from Naples, Italy, our family is steeped in epicurean tradition. Generations of our grandmothers created masterful dishes and passed those secrets down the family line, establishing artisans of fine homemade Italian food.

Once stateside, our family quickly established a strong foothold in the New York restaurant industry, owning and managing many successful eateries over the years. 

Enzo Arpaia made ravioli, string pasta, gelati and sorbetti by hand in one of these restaurants when clientele began to inquire if they could purchase the products directly. In order to satisfy the rapidly growing demand, he and his wife Angela opened Dolce Amore, a small storefront in Astoria, Queens.

Since its inception in 1989, the business has moved to Brooklyn, across from the famed Brooklyn Navy Yard and Enzo and Angela’s two children, Umberto and Marcello have taken the reins, bringing Dolce Amore to new heights.

In order to maintain the Arpaia family’s standard of high quality, Umberto spent months in Italy carefully and thoughtfully designing and testing custom-made equipment which was then imported to our modern Brooklyn production facility.

Extensive experience as forward-thinking restaurateurs, combined with a strong connection to old world Italy has created a unique signature style that marries these two worlds and has built a strong, loyal customer following.

At Dolce Amore, we strive to manufacture the highest quality products for discerning clients who have their own establishments and who know quality.  Our undying passion for family tradition and the finest restaurant-quality foods makes us who we are.


No other food is more synonymous with Italy than of course…The Tomato!! 

Canning tomatoes starts with beautiful red, ripe tomatoes and the annual family tradition continues with generations of the Arpaia family coming together to mark the end of summer!

Here are some pictures from the end of the 2019 summer season.

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